Industrial Oil and Chips Vacuum Cleaners for Mechanical Industry (for Wet)

The Wet professional vacuum cleaners are equipped with reliable and powerful motors. Compact, resistant and easy to handle, they are used by cleaning professionals in non-continuous cleaning operations. They adapt to a wide range of working environments thanks to their compact size and suck up dust and liquids. Our professional hoovers meet the cleaning needs of any working environment where dust, debris and production waste are present. Get advice from our vacuum experts and choose the right vacuum cleaner for you!


      The maintenance of machine tools combined with the cleaning of working environments are necessary activities for companies in the mechanical industry to reduce downtime and increase efficiency, safety and productivity.
      The extraction of oil, lubricants and swarf requires special industrial vacuum cleaners. Suction, filtration, separation and discharge must perfectly meet the requirements of the mechanical sector. DU-PUY suction bucket units offer low purchase costs and minimal maintenance, the perfect combination for oil recovery and swarf separation. Our suction buckets feature grated metal baskets that allow you to instantly separate the emulsion from the metal chips and to recycle the suctioned oil to lower the costs of your production plant.
      Cleaning the tanks of CNC machines has never been so quick and easy, discover the various models of vacuum cleaners suitable for machining centres of all sizes.