Chipvac 400 Industrial high capacity vacuum cleaner for metal chips

    The top-of-the-range chip vacuum cleaner from the Oil & Chips family, which combines DU-PUY’s decades of experience in the mechanical sector in one machine and, at the same time, unique and innovative elements, the fruit of our incessant research and development aimed at continuous improvement.
    The Chipvac 400 suction bucket has a large solid and liquid collection capacity with the possibility to add (optional) a metal sieve grid for oil and chips.
    Possibility of turning upside down -50° with the help of a forklift with a simple and effective patented system.
    The aspirator can be equipped with two different powerful side channel blowers, from 7,5 and 12,5 kW that allow to collect large amounts of chips in very short times. The new design allows the chip vacuum to move very easily together with its turbine, both on wheels and with the forklift. Before tipping the bucket, the turbine can be easily separated thanks to its independent support.

Vacuum unit

    The aspirator is equipped with a powerful side channel turbine that develops a high air flow rate and depression and is suitable for continuous work. The electric motor, installed directly on the fan body, requires no maintenance. The exhaust of the outlet air is directed upwards, so as not to annoy the operator nor move dust in the surrounding environment. The suction unit is controlled by a low voltage electric panel, housed in the rear fairing, easy to access. The protection of the switchboard and motor is IP65.

    The suction unit is equipped with a pressure relief valve as standard. In case of a completely closed inlet, the valve ensures cooling of the turbine through the inlet of ambient air.

Filter unit

    Inside the steel filter chamber there is the polyester star filter cat. L, which protects the suction unit, ensures a high dust retention and ensures the purity of the air output, thanks to a large surface area (3 m2) and a high filtration efficiency (3 microns). A manual cleaning system, consisting of a vertical motion shaker, allows the operator to clean the filter effortlessly and at any time, prolonging the life of the filter, preventing saturation and resulting reduction in intake performance. The suction system with Ø80 inlet located below the filter allows to simultaneously suction powders, solids and liquids (within the capacity of the container, without the need to replace or remove the filter.

Collection unit

    The aspirated material is deposited in a tilting container, of high capacity. With the help of a forklift, the emptying of the vacuumed material directly into the waste bins is simplified. The CHIPVAC 400 bucket can be tilted to 50 inches. It allows easy unloading of even the most difficult materials.

    It is possible to introduce a perforated grid for the separation of the chips, leaving them in the upper part of the bucket, while the liquids are deposited in the lower part of the container.

    The tank is equipped with a 2-inch ball valve for the emptying of aspirated liquids. A visual level indicator allows to check the filling of the bucket during the liquid suction operation.

    The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, equipped with revolving non-marking wheels with parking brake.



Technical Datasheet

Description Unit Chipvac 400 - Busket vacuum cleaner for oil and chips Chipvac 400 HD - Busket vacuum cleaner for oil and chips
Voltage V - Hz 400 - 50 400 - 50
Power kW 7,5 12,5
Max waterlift mmH2O 4.000 4.400
Continuous water lift mmH2O 2,700 2.900
Max air flow m3/h 700 1.100
Suction inlet mm 80 80
Filter Type Star Star
Surface Diameter cm2-mm 30.000-560 30.000-460
Material-Efficiency IEC 60335-2-69 Polyester - L Polyester - L
Air load on filte m³/m²/h 230 360
Cleaning system Manua Manua
Collection tank Steel Steel
Discharge System Tilting container Tilting container
Capacity lt. 400 400
Dimensions cm 104 x 146 x 206h 104 x 146 x 206h