CHIPVAC 200 - vacuum cleaner for large quantities of dry and wet chips

    A powerful tipping suction bucket in line with DU-PUY's historical manufacturing tradition, completely revised in operation and design by our designers.
    This chip vacuum cleaner is equipped with 3 single-phase motors with the possibility of 3 three-stage motors for greater vacuum.
    It is suitable for vacuuming large quantities of chips (dry and wet), which are collected inside the large collecting tank.
   This bucket can be easily emptied by means of a patented and certified "soft" tipping system that allows the operation to be carried out quickly and safely.

Suction unit

    The suction is developed by three single-phase by-pass motors, with independent switches, protected inside a solid steel motor head, containing sound-absorbing material that reduces noise to a minimum during service. The control panel on the momtor head includes three independent switches and a vacuum indicator with warning light, useful for detecting filter saturation. Two handles on the head allow easy lifting for inspection or replacement of the filter underneath.

Filtering unit

    Inside the steel filtering chamber there is a polyester pocket filter cat. L, which protects the vacuum unit, ensures high dust retention and guarantees the purity of the outgoing air, thanks to a large surface area (1.4m2) and high filtering efficiency (3 microns). The suction system with a Ø80 inlet positioned below the filter allows simultaneous vacuum of dust, solids and liquids (within the capacity of the container) without having to replace or remove the filter.

Collection unit

    The vacuumed material is deposited in a high-capacity tilting container. Using a forklift truck simplifies the task of emptying the suctioned material directly into the waste bins. The 90° tilting of the CHIPVAC 200 bucket allows easy unloading of even the most difficult materials.

    It is possible to introduce a perforated plate to separate chips, leaving them in the upper part of the bucket, while liquids are deposited in the lower part of the container.

    The tank is equipped with a 1-inch ball valve for emptying vacuumed liquids. A visual level indicator allows you to check the filling of the vacuum cleaner during the vacuuming operation.

    The vacuum cleaner is mounted on a robust, powder-coated steel frame, equipped with non-marking swivel castors with parking brake.



Technical Datasheet

Description Unit Chipvac 200 - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for metal chips Chipvac 200 HV - Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for metal chips
Voltage V - Hz 230 - 50 230 - 50 ~1
Power kW 3,3 3,9
Max waterlift mmH2O 2.400 2.600
Max air flow m3/h 540 450
Suction inlet mm 80 80
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 77 77
Filter Type Star Star
Surface Diameter cm2-mm 14.000-460 14.000-460
Material-Efficiency IEC 60335-2-69 Polyester - L Polyester - L
Air load on filte m³/m²/h 385
Cleaning system Manua Manua
Collection tank Steel Steel
Discharge System Tilting container Tilting container
Capacity lt. 200 200
Dimensions cm 93 x 81 x 124h 109 x 84 x 136h
Weight Kg 157