Industrial CHIPVAC Vacuum Cleaners fot Chip (Dry purpose)

Professionals CHIPVAC ranges of vacuum cleaners for the engineering sector, tailor-made vacuum solutions for suctioning and removing oil and/or chips from machine tools, CNC machines, lathes, milling machines and many more. The result? Chips and oil extractors, bucket vacuum cleaners that are powerful and easy to handle, all of them increase the profitability of your mechanical workshop. Our industrial hoovers for mechanical industry are born out of the need to provide a quick and efficient solution for the maintenance of our customers' machine tools. Our suction buckets are so versatile that they can suck up wood shavings, glass crystals and large quantities of grains without any problems. We also have a large assortment of accessories available to go with our chip suction buckets, such as: scraping suction cups, probe tubes, aluminium lances, brushes, conical trunks, anti-abrasive tubes and much more.


      The DRY professional vacuum cleaner range for dust and chips consists of two models, specifically designed for Professionals in Dry matel working with maximum 20% wet. Container capacity, type of suctioning (chips/dust, liquids or both) and the discharge mode can be selected. Our commercial vacuum cleaners are constructed and assembled with robust materials such as sturdy steel, stainless steel, Casting, and ABS plastic to promote
- High performance
- Production efficiency, reducing machining downtime
- Reduction of maintenance costs
- Maximum easy of use
- Long life and reliability