OILVAC 200 - High-capacity industrial vacuum bucket for oil and chips

    The OILVAC 200 vacuum bucket can suction in and filter up to 200 litres of oil and emulsion mixed with swarf. This industrial vacuum cleaner is equipped with a float to stop suction when the container is full.
    It can discharge filtered oils quickly, thanks to an independent electric pump with a discharge rate of 180 ltr/min. Chips are retained by an easily removable stainless steel sieve grid.

    This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a powerful single-phase motoror a powerful side channel blower suitable for 24/7 continuous service. It allows you to make large-scale savings on two important expenses in a mechanical department. Oil recycling allows you to use less raw material and therefore reduce the need for disposal of used oil. The ergonomics and manoeuvrability of this vacuum cleaner reduce the number of downtimes and boost the productivity of your production plant.

OILVAC 200 in 8-point:

A single vacuum cleaner to vacuum up, separate and reuse or dispose of oil mixed with metal chips.

Liquids capacity: 200 lr; solids capacity: 30 lr

4 mm thick painted steel for long-term robustness

Bucket frame designed for lifting with a forklift truck

Mechanical aluminium float for liquid stop

Stainless steel grid basket

Wheels and specific oil-resistant seals

Rotating suction nozzle for easy use of suction hose



Technical Datasheet

Description Unit Oilvac 200 M - Industrial vacuum Cleaner for oil & chips Oilvac 200 T - High capacity three phase vacuum cleaner for oil
Voltage V - Hz 230 - 50 400 - 50
Power kW 3,3 3
Max waterlift mmH2O 2.400 3.200
Max air flow m3/h 540 350
Suction inlet mm 80 80
Filter Type Star Star
Surface Diameter cm2-mm 14.200-460 14.200-460
Material - Efficiency IEC 60335-2-69 Hydro Oleophobe - M Hydro Oleophobe - M
Air load on filter m³/m²/h 385 250
Collection tank Steel Steel
Discharge System With pump With pump
Capacity lt. 200 200
Liquid capacity lt. 170 170
Solid capacity lt. 30 30
Discharge speed ltr./min 180 180
Floating device N./A. N./A.
Dimensions cm 60 x 120 x 130h 60 x 120 x 130h