OILVAC 450: High Capacity industrial vacuum cleaner for Oil & Chips

    The top of the Oil & Chips range! One single unit includes decades of Du-Puy experience in the mechanical sector and, at the same time, unique and innovative elements - fruits of our incessant work in research and development in pursuit of continuous improvement. The vacuum unit can be equipped with a side channel blower with 4 kW, and is suitable for maintenance and cleaning of medium and large sized machine tools or of several machines in succession, without repeatedly emptying the large, liquid containment tank.

OILVAC 450 in 9 points:

  • Easy and clean discharge tilting
  • Filtro PPL 100 micron system for metal chips
  • Rotative suction inlet
  • High capacity sieve grid separator for metal chips
  • 100 micron PPL filter
  • Secondary filters with customizable efficiency (optional)
  • Tank inspection door
  • Floating device for automatic suction stop and pump stop
  • Electrical panel for full machine control

  • Application


    Technical Datasheet

    Description Unit Oilvac 450 HV - High capacity vacuum cleaner for oil & chips
    Voltage V - Hz 400 - 50
    Power kW 5,5
    Max waterlift mmH2O 5.100
    Max air flow m3/h 320
    Suction inlet mm 80
    Filter Type Bag
    Surface Diameter cm2-mm 14.200-460
    Media - Filtration Polypropilene - 100 micron
    Air load on filter m³/m²/h 640
    Collection tank Steel
    Discharge System With pump
    Capacity lt. 450
    Liquid capacity lt. 450
    Solid capacity lt. 65
    Discharge speed ltr./min 300
    Dimensions cm 70 x 157 x 202h