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Metal working industries

Oil and Grease for CNC, VMC, HMC & SPM like Cutting oil, Gear oil, Hydraulic oil, Check paste, Spindle bearing grease and much more...


General purpose and High temperature grease as well as Hydrolic oil, Gear oil and Synthetic oil's & Mist oil

Automotive Industry

Grease and oil's for robotic arms for long life, It is available in various base oil grease.

Food Industry

NSF approval lubrication oil and general for food making & packaging machinery and vacuum machine for various use

Pharmaceutical Industry

NSF approval lubrication oil and general for medicines making & packaging machinery and vacuum machine for various use

Spinning Industry

general purpose and special purpose lubrication grease and oil as well as spray for lubrication, rust preventive & protection. Vacuum cleaner

Weaving Industry

Gear oil and Grease, Lubrication Spray, High speed & high tempracture grease. Spares for machine and vacuume cleaner for dust collect

Mining Industry

Gear & lubrication oil, High temperature & general purpose grease for machinery and conveyor

Cement Industry

Gear & lubrication oil & grease for machinery, Industrial vacuum cleaner for dust and cement collector

Steel Industry

High temperature grease and oil for steel manufacturing machine, Rust preventive..

Plastic Industry

Lubricating oil and grease, standard grease cartridge and high temprature grease for plastic molding machine.


Hydraulic oil, gear oil, General purpose and special purpose grease

Our Products

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuums for Dry & Wet.

Oil Mist Collector

Oil, solid particles is suctioned from the machine tool cabin

Industrial dust collectors

Fine suspended dusts and fume extractors

Grease Cartreage

World standard LHL X100, FS2 GKL-2T & Citrax.

Grease & Oil Lubrication Pump

LHL lubrication Pump for Lubrication

Lubrication system accessories

Pressure gauge, Connectors, Manifold, Metering valve, Tubing, Elbow, Banjo and Band.


Hydraulic, lubrication, gear oil & cutting oil, Rust preantive


Gentral Purpose and Special Purpose Grease

Special purpose oil and grease

Synthetic, High speed, high temperature and Food grade oil and grease

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